Be Your Ideal Fashionista with one of our brooches. Brooches can take any look and kick that style and fashion into high gear! They are a great accent pieces, and they are also a great statement piece. Are you in need of a conversation starter? Other ladies are sure to ask about your high-end, luxury, vintage brooch. Our vintage brooches are timeless, and they are sure to turn heads. Check out our amazing online selection today! What are you waiting for?


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More about Brooches

Here at The Vintage Bar we offer amazing deals on some of the most sought after, luxury and vintage, designer brands. We carry great jewelry products from high-end labels like Chanel, Dior, Fendi, Gucci and Prada. Customers from around the world have flocked to our site to purchase go to pieces that make any outfit a complete look. Our luxury brooches are no exception. We are your one stop, online location for that perfect designer brooch. 

As we mentioned earlier, a fashion brooch can do so many things for a look. It can pull an outfit together, or it can go above and beyond to make a fashion statement on its own. Vintage brooches from our sought after brands are sure to make any lady of style a happy, fashionable lady. 

We take great pride in all of our products, and our available brooches are no exception. As with any purchase from The Vintage Bar, we allow you to take 14 days to make sure your purchase was the right purchase. If not, simply return the item, and we will get you exactly what you need. On top of that, all of our products are delivered to our online shoppers with a certificate of authenticity. You should have no concerns over whether or not you have purchased an authentic vintage brooch from our online site. 

Have you looked at our selection and not found what you were looking for today? Do not worry. Visit The Vintage Bar Waitlist page to let us know exactly what you want. We will try our hardest to track down the item and make it available to you. 

Whether you are searching for a long, sought after unique piece of jewelry, or you are looking for a brooch to make your look complete, we have just what you need. We cannot wait for you to find the perfect vintage piece, and we cannot wait to see you wearing one of our beautiful, luxury vintage brooches!